Monday, February 2, 2009


Some of you have asked about my new book of poems out recently from Finishing Line Press. It's entitled What Can Be Saved and will be available by the end of the week at Full Circle Books here in Oklahoma City.
It's also available directly from and from, or directly from me. As a former librarian, I can say subject headings might be: mothers and daughters -- dialogue; children -- differently-abled; mothers -- as swans; words -- obesssions; life -- hoarding and saving.
I am especially grateful to be given permission to use the mixed media work of Jerrod Smith on the cover. Jerrod gets time and its obsessions. He gets the relationship between wings and bodies, flight and stasis. I hope you will like these poems and find a part of yourself in the story. I also suggest you look at more of the work of Jerrod Smith at

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  1. What an inviting site for a critter scurrying around the world who needs a cool (well, sometimes) place to stop and rest, refresh, and retreat. Just like this old adobe, your poems are places that take us in, remove us from the chaos of the workday life, and give us sustenance.