Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Power of Play

It's almost summertime.

Remember when that meant we had lots of time to play? Tag, Red Rover, Hide and Seek, and games we made up as we went along. As a poet I learn over and over how play sets the imagination to work and I surprise myself into writing something fresh and new. Moving through the squares of hopscotch with my grandchildren leads to a phrase "the rock falls on the line more often now" and I can feel a wave of language and song pushing me toward paper.

It is in this sense of play that I will offer a writing class the first week of August at Ghost Ranch called Rock, Paper, Scissor: Writing from Choice and Chance.

DATES: August 2 - August 8, 2010 (arrive Monday evening, depart Sunday morning)

PLACE: Ghost Ranch/ Abiquiu, New Mexico

REGISTRATION: $250.00 before May 15/ 350.00 after that date

ROOM & BOARD: varies based on choice of accomodations (camping,casitas,single or shared room, etc)

CONTACT for more information:, or email